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Cadet & Junior Nationals - USAW

Evan Copeland

Nathaniel Augustson

Open Director

Phone: (614) 403-3877

Loren Vigil

Loren Vigil

Director - NMW USA

Phone: (505) 235-9547

New Mexico Specifics

New Mexico will walk to the venue from the hotel.

(Typically NM stays at the Days Inn across from the venue)

The trip runs $700 per athlete.

* In 2019 athletes will be responsible for their OWN transportation to Fargo, ND. *  Plane flights run between $400 and $800 per ticket.  Cost depends on time of booking and number in travel group.

Includes: Hotel, Entry, Meals and New Mexico Team Gear. (* Excludes plane flight*)

Past teams have participated in fund raisers in order to bring the cost down.

NM Wrestling USA helps subsidize the cost of this National Event.

Any athletes attending are REQUIRED to participate in both Greco Roman and Freestyle competition.

This is NOT an open tournament.  ALL participants MUST compete as part of Team New Mexico.  Athletes/Coaches can NOT register on their own.


2019 New Mexico REQUIREMENT for participation as part of Team New Mexico - USA (Cadet/Junior Nationals)

Athletes MUST attend two New Mexico events, participate in the NM Freestyle / Greco State Tournament AND participate in the Southern Plains Regional Tournament!  

Athletes MUST have deposit in by June 1st, 2019 ($300).

Event Information

07/17/2020 2020 US Marine Corps/USAW Junior Nationals 16U, USA Junior
Freestyle, Greco-Roman
Fargo, ND   Pete Isais


Current Athletes Attending

Wt         Name                  School                                Cadet/Junior


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