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Congratulations - Jonathon Gurule - Greco All-American

Congratulations Jonathon Gurule - Greco All-American

Cadet and Junior Nationals - New Mexico Competitors:

Cadet Freestyle & Greco Roman

Jonathan Gurule - 106 (2018 Greco All-American - 8th)

Diego Snell-Martinez - 126

Gabe Garcia - 195

Junior Freestyle & Greco - Roman

Daniel Vargas - 120

Joshua Vega - 120

James Emmer - 132

Devin Brown - 182

Austin Roman - 285

Cadet Women's Freestyle

Selvi Gallegos - 132

Junior Women's Freestyle

Selvi Gallegos - 132

Destiney Bailey - 144





Coaches and Leaders,

    Really, this has to start with, “Thank You” and “Congratulations”.  If you were part of the ‘Fargo Experience’, I know you’re exhausted.  One Coach sent out a YouTube clip of Forrest Gump finishing his ‘Long Run’.  “I’m pretty tired… Think I’ll go home now”.  This is so absolutely Spot On !  Thanx to the person, clever enough to send it out.

    Putting just a hint of serious to that, you need to be taking care of your personal health !  Fargo demands that you produce an extreme quantity of cortisol, over an extended period.  All the while, you stay hyper-vigilant and sleep deprived.  

When that cortisol drops off, your immune system tanks.  Please support your recovery with some version of ‘Airborne’, ‘Emergen C’, or similar product.  Give yourself permission to nap.  Thank your family for their patience, as you slowly re-grow a personality.

What a magnificent success we participated in, this year.  We had record numbers, and fabulous wrestling action !  Watching examples, in the consolation side… many four-minute matches producing over 30 points, was evidence that the basis of our current rule structure is athlete friendly.

Everyone’s question, going in, was the use of the Video Challenge.  Wow !  What luck this experiment proved to be.  I know there are extreme exceptions.  BUT, using the Blocks was an overwhelming success.  I get the privilege of listening to both Coaches and Referees, and the message was the same, “Using the Challenge neutralized much of the emotion that has caused friction, in our past”.  Both Coach and Referee kept their communication professional, logical, and specific to the situation at hand.  Having a Neutral Third Party evaluate the situation gave us one more level of ‘Customer Service’ to our Athletes and Parents.

Continuing to develop the use of the Video Challenge is certainly part of our Continuing Coach Education curriculum.  It is also one of several topics for the upcoming State Leaders Summit, August 9 – 11, in Colorado Springs.  Please, if you have constructive input, whether about Fargo, our Regional Championship Series, Final X, or anything else for the good… communicate with your State Chair.  The collective voice of USAW’s grassroots Coaches is vital to our ongoing success.

Speaking of voice… please expect a Survey Monkey Instrument, in your email, in the next few days.  This is us, the Council, finding consensus, so that we can help our State Leaders make data-informed decisions.  The survey is, predominantly, in regards to the Fargo experience.  Its results, however, may touch other pieces of total menu of Regional and National events.  Please take the three to five minutes to respond.

I’ll get you an update, after the Summit.  Then it will be time for us to start getting pumped for the Junior, Senior, Grappling and Beach World Championships.  Thank You, once more, for a great National Championship experience.                                  Rusty

Congratulations to our USAW Kids All-Americans:

Delayne Luster (Greco)

Adan Benavidez (Greco)

Soren Herzog (Double - Both Greco and Freestyle)

Tyler Reinhardt (Freestyle)

2018 USAW Kids Greco Nationals Results for New Mexico

Novice 98

DeLayne Luster's place is 8th

Novice 108

Tyler Reinhardt

Schoolboy 106

Adan Benavidez's place is 6th 

Schoolboy 106

Devin Montano

Schoolboy 136

Augustine Aguilar

Schoolboy 165

Soren Herzog's place is 5th


2018 USAW Kids Freestyle Nationals Results for New Mexico

Novice 98

DeLayne Luster

Novice 108

Tyler Reinhardt's place is 7th

Schoolboy 106

Adan Benavidez

Schoolboy 106

Devin Montano

Schoolboy 136

Augustine Aguilar

Schoolboy 165

Soren Herzog's place is 6th


Friday afternoon (7/6/18) has been re-scheduled for 4 pm.

All practices at 505 Wrestling Club

Upcoming Events:

July 2-12                       Cadet/Junior Nationals Camp

July 13-21                     Cadet/Junior Nationals, Fargo, ND (Loren Vigil)




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