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Congratulations - Jonathon Gurule - Greco All-American

Congratulations Jonathon Gurule - Greco All-American

Cadet and Junior Nationals - New Mexico Competitors:

Cadet Freestyle & Greco Roman

Jonathan Gurule - 106

Diego Snell-Martinez - 126

Gabe Garcia - 195

Junior Freestyle & Greco - Roman

Daniel Vargas - 120

Joshua Vega - 120

James Emmer - 132

Devin Brown - 182

Austin Roman - 285

Cadet Women's Freestyle

Selvi Gallegos - 132

Junior Women's Freestyle

Selvi Gallegos - 132

Destiney Bailey - 132





Coaches and Leaders,

    As we all prepare for our journey to Fargo, I have a couple of last-minute housekeeping items that need to be shared.   They deal with Referee Challenges, Medical Checks, and Meetings.

    Sadly, first things first.  As you know, the Wrestling Family has recently lost some great ones.  Thank you to Mike Juby, Randy Hinderliter, and others, who so generously and sensitively helped us say goodbye to Chuck Elvin.  Every single one of us, in the Southern Plains, owe something to the legacy of Chuck and his family.  He, Cheri, ad their kids carved the model of what it means to be a “Wrestling Family”.  Each of them carried out their individual role, making every club… every event… a more functional, efficient, pleasant experience for all.  I suggest, the best way to honor Chuck, Cheri and their family is for each of us to carry out our individual role in creating a better experience for those around us.  We can start in Fargo.

  This week, Wrestling lost Mike Duroe.  Mike was a Happy man.  We need to find happiness, telling his story.  Coach Duroe was a Class Act, just like the Elvins.  Mike was absolutely consumed with the notion of “Doing What’s Right”.  His advocacy for the development of Womens’ Wrestling is a prime example.  His consistent efforts in strengthening relationships made itself evident in everything Mike touched.  Coach Duroe fought a hard fight, the last nine months.  He fought it the way it should be fought.  He left us with a smile.  We should smile back.

On a happier note, CONGRATULATIONS to our Cadets for their break-out performance in Croatia.  Thanx to our Volunteer Coaches, for their part in that success.


    As week pack up, ready to get there, please do your part, whatever role you play, in PROACTIVE SKIN CHECKS.  Kids from a variety of environments, who have been in camp, under stress, are prone to emergent and recurring outbreaks.  Knowledge is power.  If you don’t have access to health care professionals, WELL-VERSED in skin disorders common to combative sports, let me suggest an APP, “MATDOC”, or it’s website

    I am at every weigh in, stationed near the medical team.  I am their to listen and facilitate what are always very difficult discussions.  They all have to do with an athlete being told why they cannot compete.  I hate it !  Please communicate with athletes, parents, and your own health care professionals, BEFORE you travel.  An ounce of prevention keeps ‘em in the tournament.  A pound of cure is always too late !

    It has been decided that EVERY BOUT, in Fargo, will be subject to VIDEO REVIEW.  That means you will start every match with a Challenge Block.  If this is something you don’t have a lot of experience with, DISCUSS it with your Coaching Staff and HAVE A PLAN.  

Communicate, clearly, with all you stakeholders, about how this system works.  Athletes, Assistant Coaches and PARENTS need to be fully aware what’s at stake… If you DO… or If you DON’T… throw in the block.  Rehearse, with your athletes, the How’s and the When’s and the Why’s.  Make sure every stakeholder sleeps that night.

Using Video Review will seriously LIMIT your approaching the Chair to ask questions.  Make sure one of the Coaches, in the corner, knows what the whistle and the judge called.   Know the situations with Verbal Warnings, Passivity and Negative Wrestling Calls.  If the score is tied, MAKE SURE you know who has criteria.  This is one place where it’s OK to ask the Chair for help, quickly, and at the appropriate time.

There is, invariably, a lot of discussion about how to improve the “Fargo” experience.  This year, one would hypothesize, the discussion will include PERIOD LENGTHS.   Our job, as your National Coaches Council, is to listen actively, arrive at consensus, and carry your ideas forward.

There will be TWO NATIONAL COACHES COUNCIL MEETINGS.  The first is SUNDAY evening at 8:30, the second WEDNESDAY evening at 9:00.  While all are welcome, you get THREE active voices per state.  Everyone is exhausted at those times.  But, it is what it is.  The Professional part of our Volunteer effort is to show up and speak up.  As the second largest membership group in USAW, our voice is critical.

As always, THANX for your hard work.  Travel Safely.  Best wishes to ALL.  If you need to chat, the easiest place to find me is at Weigh Ins.


Congratulations to our USAW Kids All-Americans:

Delayne Luster (Greco)

Adan Benavidez (Greco)

Soren Herzog (Double - Both Greco and Freestyle)

Tyler Reinhardt (Freestyle)

2018 USAW Kids Greco Nationals Results for New Mexico

Novice 98

DeLayne Luster's place is 8th

Novice 108

Tyler Reinhardt

Schoolboy 106

Adan Benavidez's place is 6th 

Schoolboy 106

Devin Montano

Schoolboy 136

Augustine Aguilar

Schoolboy 165

Soren Herzog's place is 5th


2018 USAW Kids Freestyle Nationals Results for New Mexico

Novice 98

DeLayne Luster

Novice 108

Tyler Reinhardt's place is 7th

Schoolboy 106

Adan Benavidez

Schoolboy 106

Devin Montano

Schoolboy 136

Augustine Aguilar

Schoolboy 165

Soren Herzog's place is 6th


Friday afternoon (7/6/18) has been re-scheduled for 4 pm.

All practices at 505 Wrestling Club

Upcoming Events:

July 2-12                       Cadet/Junior Nationals Camp

July 13-21                     Cadet/Junior Nationals, Fargo, ND (Loren Vigil)




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