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SEPTEMBER 28, 2023




Coaches, Officials and Leaders,

Just a quick note…

If you haven’t already, please take advantage of USAW’s free offering of the new TEAL Coach Certification.  This Two-Hour Course is available at no cost through SEPTEMBER 30th.

While I hope you’ve already renewed your USAW Membership for ’23 – ’24.  But, even if you haven’t, you can still access TEAL and complete it at your leisure.

Get into USAW membership and Create Your Account.  Then go to Coach certifications, drop TEAL into your cart and complete checkout.  Remember, it’s FREE through Saturday.

This course is extremely well planned and presented.  While TEAL sets out to be Female Specific, it offers fabulous reviews, insights, suggestions, ideas for Coaching Wrestling, regardless of style, age, or gender.

Please pass this encouragement on to any and all.  Should you have questions or need help, Mike Clayton, USAW Manager of Coach Education can assist.

Let me close by Congratulating Senior Team USA on an amazing performance in Belgrade !  There’s a good chance that many who see this note hand a hand in developing these magnificent athletes.  Congrats to you, as well.

More Soon,


Team New Mexico’s 2023 Fargo experience has come to an end. So many highs and lows with this event, just like any wrestling event.

Here are some highlights:

-3 Fargo All Americans, first time having 3 AAs in one year since 2005

-Fargo All Americans each of the last 3 years (2021, 2022, 2023)

-Highest Individual Placement (Luttrell 3rd) since 2012

-Largest group of wrestlers (28) attending Fargo in 20+ years. 21 boys & 7 girls

-16U Greco Boys finish in 19th place as a Team

-Emily Tew named USAW Women's Age Group Council Person of the Year

-Mac Borrego recognized as USAW Southern Plains Freestyle Developmental Coach of the Year

To the 28 wrestlers that made the trip to Fargo, we thank you for your dedication and hard work over this summer. Fargo is a different beast and to have the courage to test themselves against the best wrestlers in the nation is something these wrestlers can hold their heads high about.

To the parents of these wrestlers thank you for giving them the love and support to get them to Fargo.

To Coach Rey Gallegos, Coach Erwin Morris and Coach Paul Wilson we thank you for your help this year with Team NM and Fargo. It takes a big commitment to attend this event as a coach.

To Coach Emily Tew, Coach Adam Benavidez, Coach Lorenzo Martinez, Coach Nathaniel Augustson and Coach Macario Borrego we thank you for your endless dedication to the New Mexico wrestling community year after year. From clinics to training camps, state events to national events, folkstyle to freestyle to greco, these coaches can always be seen helping coach and develop wrestlers regardless of what school or club they might represent. If we are truly trying to grow wrestling here in New Mexico, regardless the style, we can all do a little more of what the aforementioned coaches do. They participate, they develop and they encourage everyone they come into contact with for the benefit of New Mexico Wrestling!



Girls Wrestling in 2023

Stats and more National HS Girls Wrestling Guide

JULY 25, 2023




Coaches, Officials and Leaders,

By now, those of you who attended Fargo are home.  The 2023 event carved its way into several columns of the Record Book.  Congrats on your part !

…Which brings me to my first point:  Self-Care in the aftermath.  If you have not already begun implementing your personal recovery plan, please start today.  

We’re all pretty conscientious, in coaching athletes through their recovery phase.  This is one of those weeks to model efficient recovery. 

All competitive events place high demand on coaches, referees, administrators, both physically and emotionally.  The length, intensity, and hyper-focus of Fargo taxes our systems to their limits.  Fortunately, we are able to survive by asking our adrenal system to provide constant cortisol.  This blocks calming neurotransmitters and keep us in “Fight” mode.

That sudden overwhelming lethargy you felt, on the plane / bus ride or drive home, was the flood of serotonin your body had been waiting for.  The transition, though, makes us vulnerable in the short run.  Our immune system depends on moderation and we’ve given the exact opposite for at least 10 days.

Try this:  Admit to yourself you are not invincible.  You need to be a little extra quiet and treat yourself to some naps this week.  Respectfully, let your loved ones know why you’re being quiet.  You definitely have stories to tell, but they can’t quite surface yet.  The stories will be worth waiting for.  

Pound the AirBorn tablets, vitamins C and B Complex.  Double up on the salads and veggies, fruits and juices.  Go for a walk instead of a run. 

Include those loved ones through touch !  Touch generates an oxytocin flow, which counteracts the toxicity of the cortisol defense.   Holding hands on that walk, keeping a kid in your lap while you nap, petting a dog or kitten, grooming a horse, hugging your parents… all of these help your body generate oxytocin and help itself heal.

Our Southern Plains has much to be proud of and thankful for.  Our athletes performed well.  Our coaches and referees set the bar.  Our leaders led responsibly and with a positive voice for all our constituents. 

Next up will be the State Leaders Summit and Board of Directors Meeting.  Those two events coincide in Colorado Springs, August 9th through 12th.  Please touch base with your State Chair to learn details.

From what I can see, there’s nothing earth-shaking on the agenda.  Some Weight Class adjustments and structural components for National Duals won approval in Fargo.  Know that scheduling, next spring and summer will be impacted by preparation for Olympic Games.

If you have a burning complaint or great idea, please begin running it up the chain so it can gain credibility.  Start with your State Chair and Officers.

If you feel any need to voice a concern, outside your State’s chain of leadership, that’s what I’m here for.  I will listen completely and tell you what I really think.  If appropriate, I’ll share concerns up the ladder, to the other members of your National Coaches’ Council.  From there, national staff members can take up the charge.

Over its three-plus decades, the National Coaches Council has often been a conduit for innovation / correction, on behalf of our nation’s coaches and the athletes we serve.  Our Coach Education Program, with Mike Clayton at the helm, has given even more responsible voice to USA Wrestling’s second largest membership contingency… it’s Coaches.

As we speed toward the World Championship and begin the transition to our scholastic season, here’s another chance for me to say “Thank You”, on behalf of our Council.  Your efforts change lives.

Take Good Care of Yourself !


This is a PS for Southern Plains Referees:

I want to invite each USWOA licensed official to explore the ICWOA (Intercollegiate Wrestling Officials Association).  The ICWOA is actively teaming with USWOA in the education component of providing referees for Womens’ Collegiate Programs / Events.

The ICWOA will host its annual conference / clinic in the Southern Plains (Kansas City to be exact) October 6th & 7th.  Educational presentations will address Womens’ Freestyle Collegiate, Mens’ Collegiate, and High School Mechanics and Philosophy.

I’m a believer in Belongingness to Professional Groups.  Association with my peers has always paid off for me.  I encourage any and all to investigate:               

I’d love to see many of you in Kansas City !  RD

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