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As one last reminder, the registration deadline for the NM Middle School Team Camp & Ohio Dual has been extended to this Friday, June 23rd. Additionally, the late fees have been waived. We want to make this as competitive as possible with more participants. 

To reiterate, the $25 registration fee on Trackwrestling helps cover the cost of shirts (please see attached for the design) for both NM participants and the team of 31 Ohio wrestlers/coaches, as well as facilities. We hope you'll recognize this is a unique and affordable opportunity for mid school wrestlers to work together, learn technique, and compete against Ohio. We appreciate your support of this event! Please help us spread the word by forwarding this e-mail to your team members and other mid school parents/wrestlers. 

Kind Regards,
Kolbe J. Fraley

PS ALL mid-school age athletes are welcome...5 through 8 (entering 9th).

JUNE, 2017




Coaches and Leaders,

​Just a quick note, as we head into the Freestyle World Team Trials.  This might be the SECOND most exciting weekend in June.

​The FIRST, of course, was our Southern Plains Championship, last weekend.  What a magnificent display ! Many of the athletes we saw seem like good bets for a place on a podium, later this summer.

​Thanks, as always, to USAW – Kansas for another first-class event.  Your hospitality is icing on the cake.  Thanks to the countless volunteers that make an event like this happen.

​Congratulations to the volunteer Officials, both from the Region and from outside.  I hope all Southern Plains constituents realize how lucky we are to have a large population of quality referees, dedicated to a better experience for our kids.

​As for the wrestling itself, and the rules we are operating under, things are better than good !  When you think that, just a few years ago, our rules were a constant battle, it’s a joy to see things so right.  My favorite match of the Freestyle event… Juniors… ended 21 – 21.  Both athletes has a Five Point Throw.  Both had TWO Four Pointers.  It came down to Last Points Scored… right at the buzzer.  WOW !

​At the request of some of our Coaches, I’m watching very carefully, the impact of the Two-Point award for Correct Technique.  We got to see it, in Vegas.  We’ve had it in effect for our local and state events.  We got to use it in Dodge City.  Let’s see what we get, in Lincoln.  I’ll get you some feedback, prior to Fargo.

​Speaking of Fargo…  I want to get out in front of an issue, as we all plan and prepare our Intensive Training Camps for our feature event.  Contagious Skin Disorders are a bigger deal than some give credit !

​Over the last 20 years, I’ve made it my business to represent our National Coaches’ Council at Weigh Ins.  My purpose is to act as intermediary between Coach and Medical Staff in a very traumatic situation, making sure everyone’s rights and responsibilities are respected.  When a kid gets told they can’t compete, after all the blood, sweat, tears, and dollars, it’s devastating !

​So, let me urge camp organizers to be proactive in this area.  You need Coaches assigned to thorough skin-checks, perhaps even TWICE a day.  You need access to a physician… one that has some kind of clue about wrestling, and about the specific skins disorders we see.  Someone, at the camp, needs to get DrBJ Anderson’s APP on their smart-phone.  That APP is “The Mat Doc”.

If you know you have kids with prior outbreaks of Herpes Gladiatorum, get ‘em started on a prophylactic regimen of Valtrex.  There is plenty of literature, by Dr Anderson among others, to support this prevention.  We know that Herpes loves some good stress.  The psychological and physical demands associated with Fargo are prime opportunities for an outbreak.

​We know that many of our athletes have been at the Duals, and / or other camps, clinics, events.  They’ve been exposed to physical contact with any bug from any place.  There’s no such thing as “Too Careful”, when it comes to taking care of mats, laundering work out gear, keeping wrestling shoes on mats (and nowhere else).

​Make hygiene a part of every team meeting, every end of practice, and all your parent communications.  Information really is power.  We don’t need our kids freaked by fear.  We need them informed and mindful.

​I’ll harp on this, once more, between the Freestyle Trials and Fargo.  It will, likely, coincide with the upcoming National Duals.  Until then, take care of yourself, too.  We have some stress coming our ways, during the next several weeks.  Do what it takes to support your immune system.

​Before I go, CONGRATULATIONS to two of our own from the Southern Plains.  Arkansas’ Greg hatcher and Missouri’s Mike Hagerty, and Texas’ Andre Metzger were inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame, last Saturday.  Dayton Fix, of Oklahoma was presented the 2017 Dave Schultz Award.  Honors well deserved !


And Happy Fathers’ Day !!!


Bill Zadick WILL be a guest clinician!

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