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Thank you to all the Coaches and Athletes that participated in the NM State Freestyle / Greco Tournament.

Bill Zadick WILL be a guest clinician!

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MAY, 2017




Coaches and Leaders,

            The National Open, and all its sub-events, was a success.  The Southern Plains was well represented by quality athletes, coaches and referees at all levels.  Congratulations and Thanx to all !

            As we prepare for our Regional Championship, a month from this weekend, I have a couple of things I’d like you to consider.  The first relates to a recent, and significant, success for one of our own.  USA Wrestling recently announced that Missouri’s Gary Mayabb will become its new Manager of Greco-Roman Programs. 

            Coach Mayabb is off and running.  One of his immediate goals is to institute a series of Greco-specific clinics, for Developing Athletes and Pool Coaching Candidates, at the Regional level.  It makes sense to test the waters, close to home.

            This puts the Southern Plains in a position to lead the way, once again.  Take a look at your calendars, and let’s begin a discussion at our meeting, in Dodge City.  The ideal dates for this Pilot Clinic would be from the lat weekend of April to the second weekend of May, in 2018.

            In addition to looking at dates, we need to consider our most central, and affordable location.  The clinic / camp wants to host up to 140 high school aged athletes and 21 of our up-and-coming pool coaches.  That translates to 20 athletes and 3 coaches per state, throughout our region.

            As I said, think on this.  Kick it around with the clubs in your area.  Bring your innovations, as well as your reservations to Dodge City.  We will forward your information to Coach Mayabb, and get the ball rolling.

            My second, and last, comment, this month, relates to a comment / question recently asked of me.  It really fired me up !  Someone, a person kinda’ up there in the wrestling world, asked me, “Why does the Southern Plains stack its Regional Championship on top of the University and UWW Cadets event ?”  I went off !

            Truth is, our Region has maintained OUR weekend of choice for a generation.  Sometime, late 80’s or early 90’s, we bumped back from mid-June to the first weekend.  This move was to accommodate the growth of the National Junior and Cadet Duals.  The Schoolboy / girl duals were added, not long after.

            So, I made it clear to my question-asker, the Southern Plains Championship has been Stacked Upon, not the other way around.  I had to add what we all know, down deep inside.  In our organization’s efforts to maintain market share versus our entrepreneur ‘Friends’, we have scheduled more events than can be reasonable for any of our role players !

            This reality, on the business side of our sport leadership, makes it even more incumbent upon us, as coaches, to make sound, strategic decisions about where and how much our kids compete.  We have kids, in the Southern Plains, who really need to compete at the UWW Cadet Trials… but not many.  We have kids, in every state, that are profiting from competing at our local events, but are not ready to compete out-of state.  We have kids that REALLY need to test themselves in Fargo.  We have kids that need to experience the grind of the Duals.

            Not all of our kids need to be at all of our events.  It seems likely that managing their exposure to competitive stress will positively impact, and lengthen, each career.  I’m not trying to throw water on anyone’s competitive fire.  Still we have to admit that More is Not necessarily Better.

            So… Round up your few, your elite, and send  ‘em to Akron to make a World Team.  Let your newbies, and your wannabees, stay home and dream of traveling next year.  Round up every able competitor, coach and referee… and put ‘em on the bus to Dodge City.

            Have a great month.  See you there.



Last Minute Addendum:

            You’ve seen the article !  NFHS has APPROVED alternative Two Piece Uniform for 2017-2018.  This might have impact on your ORDERING for next year.  Make the discussion with your Athletic Director ASAP.     RD

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