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November USA Update from Rusty

NOVEMBER 17, 2015





Coaches, Referees and Leaders,

            I hope you are as excited as I am to start the 2015-16 Scholastic Season.  Whether your primary interest is at the Kids, High School or Collegiate level, it looks to be a truly great season.  And, of course, our Female Collegiate competitors wrestle freestyle, which helps us all keep up with the subtleties of the International Styles.

            I want to start with some ‘Brags’… Southern Plains and non-Southern Plains, then finish with a little information.  The Southern plains generally has much to Brag about.  This Fall is no exception.

            I recently attended an All Southern Plains Fall Clinic in my home state of New Mexico.  Coach Matt Surber, from Southern Plains powerhouse Tuttle (OK) High, and Gary Mayabb from another SP stronghold, Staley (MO) High, were the guest clinicians.

            I can’t decide which to Brag on first, or most, the clinicians or the audience.  Setting my New Mexican blood aside, I’ll tell you about the clinicians. 

Coach Surber focused on Practical Application of Technique and Tactic in the High School room.   His stuff was detailed, spot on, and usable the next practice.  He made a big deal (appropriately) about the influence we all have on developing lives.  The success Tuttle High is having cannot be that big a secret or surprise !

Coach Mayabb was magic, as always !  While Gary’s primary target was Officials, his experience and success in BOTH Officiating and Coaching really drove home the point that both Coach and Ref are constantly in the role of Customer Service Representative !

What tickled me, the most, about the clinic was that representatives from the host hotel found it necessary to come in and tell the Coaches and Referees they needed to shut down, so staff could prepare the room for another party.

How much does that define our sport, in terms of our thirst for ongoing education ?  New Mexico, like some other Sothern Plains states, is a large land area with a small population.  It’s that sharing of information, of technique, of tactic, or mechanics and rule application, that keeps our region at the forefront of the National scene. 

Bragging, outside our region, I was fortunate to attend the GRAPPLE on the GRIDIRON event, last weekend.  WOW !!!  Can any of us believe that, in two short years, we’ve brought Wrestling from near Olympic extinction to this spectacular type of presentation ?

Certainly, the entire Iowa Hawkeye Program, top to bottom, deserves our Thanks for taking the initiative to break new ground.  Coach Smith’s Cowboys stepped up to the challenge, and represented the Southern Plains with dignity, from start to finish.  How exciting it must be to be a kid growing up in Southern Plains Wrestling !!

Now, information.  You’ve had a chance to see the NCAA application of Stalling, as it applies to going out of bounds.  This makes it easy to justify the skills and tactics our athletes gain during the spring and summer.  Almost guaranteed, this rule will trickle down.  With ‘Tilt-Wrestling’ as popular as it is, we should also look for the Two Point – Four Point near fall to trickle down.  The delayed start, on the ground, seems like it’ll find it’s way into the High School rule book, as well.

But, for right now, High School rules are largely unchanged.  The big emphasis is on Contagious Skin Disorders.  It is not my place to ‘Advertise’, but knowing we have some tough conversations coming our way, let me recommend Dr BJ Anderson’s app, “TheMatDoc”.  Dr BJ is a Doctor you’ll recognize, if you’ve been in Fargo.  He has put together the Best collection of information you could possibly use.  In any tough discussion of Skin Disorders… Whether you are a  Coach, Doctor, Trainer, Parent, Referee, information is power !  The app costs five bucks, and is damn well worth it.

Best wishes to all of you, through the Scholastic season.  This is one of those years when Olympic Trials Qualifiers invade the Winter.  I’ll keep you posted.





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