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USAW Sponsored Wrestling Recruiting Combine

USAW Sponsored Wrestling Recruiting Combine.

JULY 25, 2015





Coaches, Referees and Leaders,

            Congratulations on a fantastic performance in Fargo.  The Southern Plains certainly made our mark !  With the caliber of our athletes, our coaches, officials and leadership, I think we make a pretty good team.  Thanks for your part.

            Hats off to UWW’s work, on rules, over the last two years.  Wrestling is beautiful again !  I don’t know if anyone can run a matrix on Point Scored under the bad rules and those scored at last week’s event.  It would make a very interesting read.

            The biggest sigh of relief is that we can all comfortably assure our Olympians of 2020, 2024 and even 2028, that their future is bright.


Leaders Summit

            Next up is our State Leaders Summit in Colorado Springs.  We are planning a National; Coaches Council meeting during that Summit, open to Coaching representatives from every state. If you can be there, join us.

            Many of us can’t make that trip, and that’s understandable.  But, please, if you have an idea, fresh from the Fargo grind, share it.  Either get it to your State Chair, or me, so we can voice it.

            I’ll give you an example.  I intend to push a proposal that will “Allow our National Champions to go Directly to their own Coach, after their hand is raised”.  I get that various media outlets are trying to stream the experience in real time.  But, I think we miss a lot in depriving kids the spontaneity and intimacy of that jump, into their Coach’s arms.

            If anything, I believe they may get a better interview, if the kid has had just a minute or two to grasp.  I believe physical and emotional contact with their Coach provides a certain closure on the experience.

            I also believe that moment is the Ultimate Pay-day for our Volunteer Coaches.  That single hug gives us the gratification and inspiration to make the effort for a thousand more kids.

            So… there’s my little crusade.  What’s yours ?  Make sure you have a reasonable chance at being heard.  Don’t go ballistic on a piddly bitch.  But get your good ideas to one or more of us , so we can go to bat for the greater good.


Taking Care of You

            We all felt that sigh of relief, depending on how nay days we were in Fargo.  Those few who share my insanity and stuck it out for nine days, certainly need some quiet time.

            Please… take that time.  Use the environment of home and the understanding of family to soak up some silence.

            Bio-chemically, you’ve been jacked up on Cortisol to stay hyper-vigilant and maintain your ability to fight.  Now that the battles are over, and your kids are safe, that cortisol stops flowing and is replaced by a flood of Serotonin.  You just want o sleep !

            Listen to your body.  Sleep often.  Go for a run, a bike ride, or a walk.  Sit on the porch and enjoy a cup of coffee or a beer.  Heal up.  You’ve earned it !

            This is a good time to include a daily hit of ‘Airborn’, some extra vitamin C, and maybe some B Complex.  We’ve got to help our bodies get through this temporary period of vulnerability in our immune system.  You may want to off the same suggestion to your athletes.


            This seems like the perfect time for me to say, “Be Well”.  Thanx for all you do.  Congratulations on your efforts and your outcomes.  I’ll see you soon.






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