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Coaches and Leaders,

​I hope you’re celebrating the success our Junior World Team had.  Is the Southern Plains Kickin’ Ass… or what ?  Get pumped for some great results from Paris, and then from our Cadets in Athens !

​This update focusses on your input to the State Leaders at their recent Colorado Springs Summit, as well as the decisions they forwarded up the food chain, to the JOWC and, ultimately, the Board of Directors.

​I have to tell you, they’re already calling this the “FARGO Summit” !  I think it’s fair to say, there was some interesting, often heated, debate, regarding several of the ‘Jigsaw Puzzle’ pieces that define our premier event.  I applaud the contributors and the debate.  I have some deep concerns with some of the outcomes.  But, that’s for me and my State Chair.  Please make the most of your own Chain of Command !

​First, your input.  With the help of Tony Black, USAW State Services Director, we distributed a Survey Monkey instrument to a total of 780 Coaches, registered in Fargo.  We got timely responses from 280 (that’s 36 per cent).  That number gave us ‘Validity’, which is important.  We are encouraging all stakeholders to work at making their decisions Data based, rather than Emotion based.

​Please see, next, the bar-graph results of the instrument.  NOTE:  If the graphics are too small, adjust your VIEW to 200%.  Please also note, I am NOT computer magician enough to combine several snips on a single page.  Apologies !  Please scroll through several pages.

​Thank You ! to the 280 Coaches who took the time to fuel the fire.  We’re about to take a look at the outcomes of all the discussion in Colorado Springs.  In some cases, let me advise:  Pour yourself a drink;  Go to the room that does not have very many sharp things; Sit down;  Hit the drink, pretty hard, at least once; Breathe; Remember NOT to PANIC.  Everything will be OK !

​Seriously… What I’m presenting you are the large generalizations that came from the State Chairs.  None of the Details are fixed.  We have experts, in our Events and State Services departments, that really DO care about your kids ! Ready ?

*In 2018, we will wrestle Freestyle Men First, Greco Last

         *In 2018, the Womens' Duals will NOT be contested in Fargo (During the same event as the individual tournaments)

         *In 2018, the First Weigh in, for Each Style / Age Group, will, OPTIMALLY, take place the evening before their competition begins

         *In 2018, All Matches in the Championship Bracket and Medal Matches will consist of Two THREE-MINUTE periods

         *In 2018, All Non-Medal Matches in the Consolation Bracket will consist of Two          TWO-MINUTE periods

​OK… one more sip !  We’ll be OK !  I know there are some points that will make you happy, and some that will have you scratchin’ your noggin.  We’ll be OK !  Give our Staff time to process these decisions and present us with a plan… probably late winter / early spring.  

​Enjoy the Seniors and the Cadets.  If you want to Wrestle on the Beach, in Turkey, in October… Call me !   

​If you have kids in the room, just make your Magic.  Get them ready for the Folkstyle Season.  We’ll be OK.  (That’s three times I’ve said that).

Get some rest, we have things to do !  I really appreciate what you do for kids.




Congratulations to our NM Kids Nationals All-Americans:


Bantam 50 - Jaxon Romero 4th place

Intermediate 103 - Tyler Reinhardt 5th place

Novice 65 - Elijah Sierra 7th place

Schoolboy 152 - Jacob Smith 6th


Bantam 50 - Jaxon Romero 3rd place

Intermediate 103 - Tyler Rienhardt 6th place

Novice 100 - Jude Postlethwait 8th place

Schoolboy 152 - Jacob Smith 7th place

Thank YOU! Coach Valenzuela for ALL your hard work on the event.

Thank  you all for a successful Zia Combine and Ohio Mid-School Dual.


Isaac Garcia Jr. - 120 Junior

Wes Rayburn - 138 Junior

Nick Rino - 145 Junior

Cody Manuelito - 170 Junior

Destiny Bailey - 132 Women Cadet


Coach Steve Baker

Coach Nathaniel Augustson

Escort Robert Bailey

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