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Thank you Sponsors (Both Team and Individual sponsors...):

Build - Pro
Advanced Environmental Solutions
Navajo Refining Co.
Fraternal Order of Eagles
BPOE #408
Lopez, Deitzel & Perkins, PC
New Mexico Junior Wrestling
Volvo Construction Equipment Rents, LLC



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Why Freestyle & Greco? WATCH THIS...

Why should I Freestyle and Greco Roman Wrestle? WATCH THIS....

USAW Weekly

Freestyle / Greco Roman Practice Sites

Spring Wrestling - Practice Sites

Mon & Wed @ RG - 6 pm

Tues thru Thurs @ VV - 5 pm

Mon & Wed @ RR - 6:30 pm

Tues & Thurs @ RR - 9 am

Tues & Thurs @ Man - 5 pm

Tues thru Thurs @ Cib - 5:30

Tues & Thurs @ Los Lunas - 5:30

Tues & Thurs @ Piedra Vista - 5:30

Coach Keating 505-801-4289

Changes to Loren.vigil@comcast.net

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